technology is the answer; now to find the question. re-examine everything.


Various Starships 04

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Jacque Fresco, from Zeitgeist: Moving Forward.

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With insomnia, nothing’s real. Everything’s far away.

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this is the greatest set of images on the internet

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The Amazing ‘Adventures Of Elastika' Was Animated in Office Supplies by Guillaume Blanchet

Animated by Guillaume Blanchet (who you might know from his hilarious The Man Who Lived on His Bike), this new stop-motion short called A Girl Named Elastica tells the brief story of a girl who leaves her home to adventures around the world. Probably the most notable aspect is the ingenious use of thumbtacks and rubber bands to create the majority of the animation which takes place entirely on a small bulletin board. A Girl Named Elastica has been winning awards at animation festivals all over the world since last year, and you can follow Blanchet over on Facebook.

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