technology is the answer; now to find the question. re-examine everything.


KamAz by Alex V.
No post effects. Impressive.

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Boathouse with multi-colored bunks in Hudøy, Norway.

Design by Snøhetta.

An open source future for synthetic biology


The concerns of anti-GMO activists would be addressed better by offering support to an alternative in the form of “do-it-yourself” biotechnology, rather than rejecting sciences and industries that are already destined to be a fundamental part of humanity’s future. What needs to be made is a case for popular technology, in hope that we can reject the portrayal of all advanced technology as an ally of powerful states and corporations and instead unlock its future as a means of liberation from global exploitation and scarcity.

I agree that the arguments tend to be a mix of the effects of the greedy or evil corporations and the dangers of GMO. But there is an important point here about when we have opened the bottle and let out the Gini we can’t put it back. We therefore have to approach the GMO issue with a strategy where we can minimize the negative effects for the future. Does that strategy include supporting the biotech hacking movement? Maybe… 

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Two giant planets may cruise unseen beyond Pluto

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